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Mod Post

While this community is pretty slow-moving (to put it politely), we've been getting an uptick in spam posts and membership requests, so for the time being I've closed membership and set the comm to moderated posts. If you happen to wander across this community and would like to join, please feel free to PM me! 
This is exactly the kind of community I need! I have a huge amount of trouble making myself accountable for cleaning and organizing, and to my dismay still have much of what I've owned my whole life. (Some of it is stored at my parents' house, not all is at my apartment. There are 1500 miles in between the two, making cleaning difficult.)

I'm on a huge mission to clean, organize, and de-clutter, and just posted in my own LJ about it.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook (and no, if I don't know you in real life you can't be my facebook friend!), you know that I have a photo album dedicated to my struggle to de-clutter and clean my apartment. I am a messy person! But I decided enough was enough  and I started documenting. I successfully cleaned the living room last week, but it's dirty again. Poo.
But I'm really proud of the profound difference in this room....check it out!
take a deep breath first...Collapse )

I admit it: it took until Saturday to really resume Roomapalooza after my last post, although small things got done. The reasons for this are myriad (and, yes, a few of them are excuses instead of reasons): screwed up sleep patterns, not feeling all that well to begin with, events at work requiring extra time investment on my part (despite things not being much busier than usual), it being HOT out, and, to be honest, my decided lack of motivation. Beyond that, my mother elected to hold off on bug bombing until later this month, so the immediate deadline - initially scheduled to be this past Wednesday - disappeared.

On Saturday I finally decided enough was enough and, with some effort, kicked myself back into gear with some help from the fact that, while it was not truly all that hot out, it was humid enough to merit turning on the AC. Despite many false starts and lots of dawdling, I managed to at last get the floor picked up, clean off and vacuum the Chair of Holding (which has BEEN, I think, the Chair of Holding to some degree of severity or another since... oh, September), shift some of the books onto the cleared off spaces in my wardrobe (not the neatest solution ever, but it at least gets them off the floor while I go through them properly), and start going through one of the piles of paper on my desk. It took until early evening to realize that maybe the reason it was taking so freaking long to accomplish anything was because I had told myself that after I got the floor picked up and vacuumed, I "got to"... go to Walmart to return some items and to Target for a new file box and some hanging folders.


In other words, I was working towards a reward that... kind of sucked.  The Target mission probably would have been okay on its own - office supplies and stationary make me happier than they really should - but my skin always crawls when I go to Walmart (as someone on a confession site put it: "I hate shopping at Walmart but it's so damn cheap I can't stop myself! It's like being on a giant, filthy, white trash carousel that I can't get off of!") and, besides, returning items is generally fairly tedious no matter the store.  Still, though.

ME: Do you think the Bogeyman will get me if I go run my errands before I vacuum?
FRIEND: In all honesty, I think getting out of the warzone for a while will probably help.
ME: I like to think by now I can downgrade it to a severe traffic jam.

FilingCollapse )

ObservationsCollapse )
In any case, while there's still quite a ways to go things are already looking much better. I don't know if I have any suitable "before " pictures but I would at least like to try to post "after."


I fell in love with this community when i saw it. I've recently had to move back in with my mom, her boyfriend, and my little brother. Not a huge issue, but I'm pregnant with my third child and share my room with my three year old son and my one year old daughter. I've been trying to somehow cram all of our stuff in that room while maintaining some kind of order. DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.

I love being single for the simple fact that it gives me time away from my children to get things in order.

Any suggestions?

Progress Report

While this won't be anything near the length of the last novel post I wrote, things are getting done!

The closet is more or less finished. Going through my clothing and shoes was by far the most time-consuming part of the closet itself -  everything else moved pretty quickly (possibly because my closet is unusually small so not much is stored in it). I did go through the box of mementos (old letters, cards, etc.) stored in here and, while I didn't cull out as much as I may have wanted to, I will say there is someMy high school graduation gownthing remarkably freeing about getting rid of correspondence from someone you no longer like. :D 

At right is the high school graduation dress I will be giving away but wanted a picture of first. I went over to the theater department one morning while work was slow (with permission) and they very kindly unlocked the costume shop for me and let me do my thing. I ended up taking the pictures in front of a mirror and got some nice shots. The one problem I ran into: the camera was borrowed from work and apparently had less battery life than it initially appeared to, so I had to work fast. Still, got the job done and now I can donate this dress guilt-free. (It's probably kind of stupid to need to make compromises with myself to get rid of things I should have given up long ago, but I figure as long as the compromises don't require a significant and unrealistic amount of effort to make I can go with it.)

Also: my high school colors were black and gold, so this dress was worn underneath a canary yellow graduation gown (boys wore black, girls were in "goldenrod," although I still think we should have worn gold lamé). I am more or less a redhead and regularly rival computer paper for whiteness. Yellow is one of the worst possible colors I can wear. Yeah. I looked hot.

Speaking of poor color choices, the wardrobe has also been gone through. (The majority of my craft stuff is in the wardrobe, so Beadapalooza helped here.) Not much of note to report here except for that a lot more clothes were added to the donation pile - that "trying on" thing proved useful again, although I have no idea why I hung on to some of these specimens as long as I did because some of the tank tops (at least a few of which were, as I recall, purchased in early high school) came to about the bottom of my ribcage (sexxxy!). A few of the too-short tanktops are being saved for craft projects, but all in all, between the closet and the wardrobe, all of my clothes can fit in their appropriate storage spaces even when everything but what I am currently wearing is clean. I showed it to my parents and they began feeling my forehead and cheeks to check for fever. Everyone's a comedian.

Still left to do: 
  • Finish going through my books. This one is proving kind of tough. That said, I may make some money off of it since some of the books that are definitely going are recent school books and can be sold on Amazon.
  • Clean off the Chair of Holding.
  • Pick up the floor.
  • Finish going through desk drawers. (Aieeeee.)
  • Keep on scanning/typing/filing papers as appropriate.
  • Clean off desk, which is at DEFCON 1.
  • ETA: Finish cleaning out Cube of Holding, since the wardrobe and closet are finished and the chances of finding "the hell is this?" items are somewhat reduced.
Some of these need to be finished sooner than others, however, as a new deadline has been put in place.

Not for any particularly exciting reason, either: we're bug bombing on Wednesday.

Dun dun.

Checking In!

Progress is being made, albeit somewhat slowly.  This is a LONG entry, so it's divided up into LJ cuts by subject.

As expected, the whole project is being made much easier by the fact that I'm no longer in school and don't have the whole "twelve hours away from the house and then homework to contend with" roadblock to contend with. While there is a 9-5 job (that I enjoy and am very happy to have!) to work around, it seems that determining how likely I really am to wear this *bright orange skirt with lime green and pink polka dots and whatnot is much simpler without things like "was Andrew Jackson the People's president or did he have his own agenda?!" floating around insistently at the back of my mind. That said, I've been sort of scattered in what gets my focus as far as cleaning goes and when, to the effect that a friend of mine said that my cleaning my room reminds her a little, from my description of it, of a "complex strategy game." The sad thing: she is right.

(I will now pause to let you enjoy the mental image of Andrew Jackson wearing a bright orange skirt with lime green and pink polka dots. You're welcome.)

While I had poked around at picking things up and putting them where they belong or in a Goodwill bag, things didn't really start happening, strangely enough, until I started organizing my beads. The beads, boss! The beads!Collapse )

The Next Step: Cheating? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.Collapse )

Step Three: Cleanin' Out My Closet (But Not Singing About It)Collapse )

Step Four: Paper Hell, Paper HellCollapse )

If nothing else, things are already beginning to shape up and I am happy about this, as every step taken here means that my room has a lower and lower risk of Being Taken Over By Stuff.

Happy Independence Day!

*nonexistant, at least in regards to my closet


"Woman," I said to myself, "you can't be the only one who not only has problems getting your shit together, but problems getting motivated to get your shit together."

And lo! a livejournal community was born! 

My room has never descended into anything along the lines of real filth, but it's not for no reason that I referred to it as The Center of Entropy in high school. Busy people everywhere can agree: if you're working, getting your education, doing both at the same time, or just otherwise find 95% of your waking hours occupied with things you can't necessarily control, just about the last thing most of us feel like doing with that other 5% is... picking up crap. Complicating things is the fact that the Packrat is strong within me (you should see my father's garage!) and that, because my parents were generous enough to allow me to live at home while I commuted to college, I've lived in the same house for over two decades. This, in my particular case, put off a pretty damn good reason to start going through all my crap - the dreaded move.

And procrastinate I did.

It got cleaner every now and then, but never really clean. My personal reasons for deciding to start getting my shit together and change all that are not, truth be told, all that riveting. I didn't lose the urn containing my grandmother's ashes (fact that none of my grandmothers were cremated notwithstanding).  Both of the cats were present and accounted for. The dish I may have left standing on my desk for a little too long had not yet become sentient. Mind you, I'd been looking around my room every so often for quite some time by then and going, "I have got to get all this shit taken care of," but it took a few things for me to actually act on it.

1. I graduated from college (with two degrees and a minor, thank you!), freeing up a pretty significant chunk of time right there.
2. I realised that, with #1 and all, it would not be long (one hopes!) before I'd have a place of my own. If I didn't start doing something about my bad habits pretty damn quick, there was the risk that I would soon find myself with not just a chronically messy room, but in an *apartment that regularly looked like a very small department store exploded inside of it.  Right before a tornado touched down. 
3. Moreover, if I did not do something about all this shit now, I was going to have to haul all this shit somewhere else later.

And so began Roomapalooza.

If you are in the unenviable situation of needing to get anything from a cluttered closet sorted out to having to de-splode your entire house, this is the place for you. Here you'll find - and, with any luck, give - ideas, support, encouragement, and, if nothing else, people to help you make fun of the eighties jacket and fright wig you discovered lurking under that majestic pile of unread copies of Readers' Digest. Don't know where to start? Post away. Need some motivation? Post away.  Stumbled upon a brilliant organizational technique? Post away. Need 612 recipes that include bacon? Post away... somewhere else.

De-Splodey Court is now in session. You might be anything from chronically untidy to living in squalor (of any degree), but in the case of You vs. Crap, The People are on your side.

ETA: Switched post from my old LJ account to the new one.  Move along, folks; nothing to see here.

*That said, one of the problems compounding the general chaos of my room is that I have a not-small amount of stuff in a very small space - think of your average cigarette box, then halve it, and that's about the size of my room - so it's entirely possible that an apartment would provide the space needed to keep my crap from breeding. Prevailing wisdom says that crap tends to expand to fill the space available, though, and if I'm not careful it's going to win.